Coarse Fishing

Our two fully stocked coarse fishing lakes are the perfect place to while away peaceful sunrises, sunny afternoons and quiet evenings.

Fistral fishing lake

Difficulty – Easy – Novice Anglers

Lake Size. 1.3 Acres

Species Present. Carp to 20lb, bream to 6lb, rudd, roach and perch

Open to. For guests staying in the lakeside Fistral houses and the ground floor lakeside suite balconies only.

Please remember when booking a Fistral Apartment or Lodge for fishing, please request a ground floor property

Ticket Price. Free

The Main Fishing lake

Difficulty – Intermediate – Some Angling experience Required

Lake Size. 1.5 Acres

Number of Swims. 7

Species Present. Carp to 27lb, Pike to 25lb, Tench to 6lb, Rudd, Roach, Perch

Open to. Guests and non Residents, Night fishing permitted

Ticket Price. Day ticket £10, 24-hour ticket £20 48 hour ticket £40. All tickets available from 24hour resort reception. Booking is not essential but recommended in the summer months. Swim availability is first come first served.

The Glades Fishing lake

Difficulty – Easy – Novice Anglers

Lake Size. 1 Acre

Number of swims. 6

Species present. Carp and bream to 5lb, rudd and roach to 2lb

Open to. Guests and Non Residents. Dawn until dusk only no night fishing.

Ticket Price. Day ticket £10, available from resort reception. Swim availability is first come first served.

Moors Pool Specimen lake

Difficulty – Hard – Experienced carp anglers only.

Lake Size. 0.8 Acres

Number of swims. 2

Species Present. Carp to 27lb

Open to. Exclusive Access bookings in advance only please call 01637882405 or email for more information.

Ticket Price. £20 for 24hours. No Day tickets.

Fishing Rod hire

Complete float rod kits with landing nets tackle box and bait are always available from the Resort reception at the cost of £20 per day. Please note this only covers the cost of the equipment hire, If wanting to fish the Main lake or Glades you must also have a day ticket. Please return all equipment to reception at the end of the day.

7 Day fishery pass £40pp

Available to Guests staying on the resort only. Allows unlimited access to our Main fishing lake (Days and Nights) and Glades fishing lake (Days only) for the week of your stay. Please inquire with our reservations team on booking. Also Available from the resort reception.

Fishing Lessons at Retallack Resort

What kind of fishing lessons do you offer?

There are two types of lesson available at Retallack, A one hour fishing lesson for both children and adults which is £20 and the Tutorial which is designed for adult carp anglers wishing to improve and hone their skills, lasts 2-3 hours and is £50. If you are new to fishing or are booking a lesson for a child I would recommend the one hour lesson. Please note a minimum age for a fishing lesson is 6 for children and that all under 16s will require a Parent or Guardian to be present for the duration of the lesson.

What time is best to book a fishing lesson?

In season times fishing lessons can be booked from Wednesday – Sunday in one hour slots from 7am – 2pm each day. The best time of the day for fishing activity is always 7am – 9am in the morning so I highly recommend these times. Please note there are no fishing lessons available Mondays and Tuesdays as the Fishery Manager is not on site during these days. Once booked please make sure you arrive at the fishery office 10 minutes before the start of the lesson to ensure you get full hour of fishing time. All equipment must be returned at the end of the lesson.

What can I expect from a fishing lesson?

The Itinerary of both types of fishing lesson we offer are as follows

1 Hour fishing lesson (Children or Novice Anglers)                             Retallack Tutorial     (Over 18s only) 
  Price:£20                                                                                                Price:£50

Location:   Main fishing lake or Glades fishing lake                          
Aspects covered: Introductions, lake viewing, hook baiting, casting, striking and landing fish safely, unhooking and fish identification.

Location:  Moors Pool
Aspects Covered: 
Introductions, lake viewing, depths and feature finding, Terminal tackle, Rigs and Baits, fishing in weed, striking and playing, netting handling and fish care, fish photography.

Also when Weather appropriate, Stalking and surface fishing Masterclass.

Do I need a Rod Licence?

All adults over 18 require a non-migratory trout and coarse rod licence before fishing at Retallack, this is the law and enforcement checks are performed regularly by the environment agency. Day licences can be bought from the post office website and start at £3.75 Anyone 16 or under does not require a rod licence in order to fish.

What do I need to bring?

All equipment is provided for the duration of the lesson, Please make sure you dress appropriate to the weather and bring some water and wear sunscreen in hot conditions, waterproofs etc in the winter.

Retallack Tutorials last 1-2 hours. Adult permits are for over 16’s and child permits are for little ones between 6-16 years old with parental supervision. Under 18’s must be accompanied by a paying adult when night fishing. Please make sure you read the fishery rules sign by the Specimen Lake before you start fishing.

"We finally got organised this trip and made good use of the fishing lake - it's so peaceful - plenty of tench, bream, roach and we even caught a couple of pike - a quick photo and then released. One fish after another! A great introduction to fishing for my son."