Why you should escape this Autumn

It’s the end of August and the sun is setting on the Summer holidays for another year. Term time is just around the corner – how time flies. But that doesn’t mean you should give way to the Winter blues just yet. It’s time to escape from it all with an Autumn break to Cornwall, […]

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Why Sweating Is Good For You!

Sweating is uncomfortable, dirty, unhygienic & who would willingly choose to sweat? Well, unfortunately sweating is a crucial biological process – one that exerts numerous unexpected health benefits. Far too often people ask for the fan during an exercise class as soon as a bead of sweat rolls down their forehead, but sweating is the […]

How long does it take to get out of shape?

Everybody is guilty of missing the odd training session, skipping the odd session isn’t going to affect your fitness or body composition. However, what happens when one missed workout turns into three or four? What happens when you give up on training all together?Fading FitnessOnce out of the habit of regular exercise, it is only […]

Relax With Our Tips and Homemade Salt Scrub Recipe

Relax, we are here to rescue you from a hectic work schedule, small people demanding your time and not enough hours in the day. These all soon add up to equal a whole lot of stress and lack of time for yourself. We know, we’ve been there. It’s time to breathe and relax. So, we’ve […]

Remember that feeling when your holiday begins?

We all remember the feeling we get when it’s time to set off on our well-deserved holiday. Whether it’s as you set off on your travels or that moment you arrive at your destination the start of an adventure helps build a feeling of relaxation and excitement.

Cheese, nettles and the next generation chefs

The Green Room Restaurant’s Head Chef James Nathan continued his Food Supplier visits around Cornwall this week by visiting the home of Cornish Yarg but this time there was a little more to find out about thanks to an event organised by the Chefs’ Forum… On many of my food journeys around Cornwall I encourage […]