Southern Cable Series

26th August

Retallack are proud to host one of the final legs of the Southern Cable Series at our Wake Park! Enter your chosen category for only £20…

Call 01637 882520 to book!

Rookies – Mens, Womens & Juniors

If you’ve just started out the sport, this is the division for you!

Kicker tricks – anything apart from 360’s or backside 180’s / Rail tricks – anything up to an including 360 along features but no backflip/frontboard / Air tricks – not allowed


Intermediate Adults

Kicker tricks – for spinning anything up to and including 540’s. Basic inverts, or invert with a frontside 180 / Rail tricks – anything goes / Air tricks – basic only


Intermediate Junior

Kicker tricks – anything up to and including 360’s. One basic invert per run / Rail tricks – anything goes / Air tricks – not allowed



Anything goes!


Start Practice 9am - 3 laps each

Riders Brief 2pm - with judges

Comp 2.30-5.30pm - Rookie, Intermediate, Open

Prizes 6pm